College entrance examination diet aid students gold list title

College entrance examination diet aid students gold list title

On the day of the college entrance examination, arranging nutritious and delicious meals and snacks for children became the highlight of moms. Many parents also bought fruits to supplement their children’s nutrition and improve their immunity, but accidents will also surround all myths.

The following is the expert staff to help the candidates with food arrangements.

  Nutritional balance of three meals In the diet arrangement during the college entrance examination, the basic guidelines and principles put forward by experts are: Nutrition of three meals should be balanced; light, nourishing the stomach, nourishing the brain, and sleeping better.

  First, nutrition should be balanced and the meat and vegetables should be properly matched.

  The diet during the college entrance examination should not be too greasy. It should be a reasonable combination of meat, two meals, three vegetables, and four fruits. This ratio is more appropriate.

  Second, the arrangements between meals should be treated differently.

  You can add a little more amaranth during lunch, but you don’t need to reduce the consumption for dinner.

At breakfast, you can focus on carbohydrate staple foods, starch porridge and rice noodles to directly provide nutrition to the brain; lunch should be supplemented with some high-quality protein; at dinner, you can choose some light, nourishing diet, and also haveHigh-quality protein, which is good for sleep at night.

  Third, choose more foods that supplement the brain and easily digest and absorb.

  The foods for the brain are mainly fish, soy products, lean meat, eggs, milk, fresh vegetables, fruits and so on.

It is also recommended not to eat too much sugary foods.

  Fourth, the types of food can be richer, and the cooking methods should be more diverse.

Professor Cai Meiqin believes that while taking care of their children’s usual dietary preferences, parents can fine-tune the taste and food type appropriately, and can also try different cooking methods, such as steaming, boiling and sauteing, but pay attention to avoid using less.Spicy seasoning.

  The three major supplementary mistakes in the sprint period need to beware of misunderstandings 1. The child had a hard test and prepared big fish and meat to make up for it. The Xiaomao recently prepared a lot of meat food. I plan to equip the children with the most nutritious meals in the three days of the college entrance examination.

  However, experts believe that children should not eat too much fish and meat, but should be supplemented with vegetables, fruits and dairy products.

Because a large number of meaty foods actually increase the burden on the stomach, and are not conducive to the blood supply to the brain.

  Misunderstanding two, the recipe changes too much, and the mother who does not take into account the child’s usual eating habits. The quiet mother intends to change to a method that was not commonly used in the home before. Give the child a good change of taste and add a little freshness.

  Professor Cai Meiqin pointed out that some parents would ignore the child’s usual eating habits, which would be counterproductive.

For example, some children usually like to eat ravioli, and suddenly they become very light at this time, which will disrupt their usual habits; some children usually eat lighter, at this time in order to tonic, at another time they eat very greasyIn fact, it is actually bad for the child’s health.

  Misunderstanding 3: Su Su ‘s father who bought a lot of supplements has already bought too many nutritional supplements for his child; Su Su ‘s mother has bought food such as turtles, black chickens, etc., and is preparing to supplement the soup with soup for his children.

  Such a big supplement was defeated by the experts.

Experts said that if there is too much tonic, candidates will not absorb it after eating, and will not adapt to it, which will lead to complications such as diarrhea, allergies, and catching a cold, which is quite counterproductive to parents.

  If you really need to take it, you should also pay attention to the issue of degree, do not abuse it, and stop it.

  Kiwi fruit and yogurt are supplemented with nutrition. Right now, there is a large number of fruits on the market. Many parents often choose various types of fruits as a snack or supper in order to improve the immunity of the college entrance examination candidates and supplement their nutrition.

Experts suggest that “small amount of diversity” is the best way to supplement nutrition.

  First of all, how many kinds of foods are meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, etc., including 5 or more vegetables and 2 or more fruits?

Because each kind of food contains different nutrients, such as meat containing trace amounts, protein residues, and fruits have more vitamins and minerals. Only by ensuring a certain diet can nutrition be fully balanced.

  Basically, to make a small amount of variety, in addition to the normal three meals, you can eat snacks at 10 am and 4 pm, mainly dairy products and fruits, of which kiwi and yogurt are particularly recommended at the same time.

Kiwifruit contains a large amount of vitamin C and magnesium, low sodium and high potassium, and it is also a good source of fiber supplement and high nutrition density.

  Except for fruits, which contain vitamin C content, it also contains a lot of supplementary fiber. Frequent eating does help promote gastrointestinal motility, improve internal functions, prevent constipation, and improve immunity.

For some parents who are accustomed to using fruit to supplement the candidates with extra nutrition, candidates for college entrance examinations should pay particular attention to the following points: First, do not eat too much at once, instead of eating half a watermelon at a time, and even easily cause too much, and then affectCandidates’ appetite for other foods is a larger amount of 200-300 grams per day.

  In fact, pay attention to the diversity of fruit varieties, and eat only one apple or banana at a time. It is better to cut apples and bananas into slices or segments and eat them as a family, so that nutrition will be more balanced.

  In addition, you should also pay attention to the time of eating fruits. You can’t eat immediately after meals, and you can’t eat with meals. The best time to eat fruits is 2 hours before or after meals.