Nipple correction, baby sucks easily

Nipple correction, baby sucks easily

A nipple fracture or depression is a potential problem for mothers who want to participate in breastfeeding. The chest brace provides a painless and permanent cure in addition to surgery.

  Put the nipple into the cup-shaped plastic sleeve on the appliance. With a gentle suction, the nipple appliance can pull the nipple out.

After several weeks of treatment, the nipple can be corrected into a normal normal protrusion.

  The nipple corrector is best used before pregnancy. If your black hair is not too sensitive, you can also use it in the first six months of pregnancy, which can also achieve permanent correction.

  Alternatively, you can use the braces in the first few days after giving birth, the first few minutes of each regular breastfeeding. This will pull the nipple out so that your baby can easily suck the nipple.
  Once your milk is sufficiently covered, you can stop using the nipple appliance.

At this point your baby will still find the nipple and pull it out to pump milk.

This cosmetic correction is permanent after the end of the lactation period.