Pull up the Shen Anchor to voyage

Pull up the “Shen Anchor” to voyage

Not long ago, when I was looking for a job, I saw in a newspaper that a company recruited marketers and went to interview.
In the designated room, I saw three people drinking tea and chatting there.
I asked, “Do you want to hire a marketer?
“They looked at me and said,” Not here, you’re wrong.
“I hurried to the address in the newspaper and said with certainty,” Yes, this is it.
“An older person said,” You’re full, you go back.
“I’m not reconciled. I can’t come here for nothing, so I still introduced myself to them. In the end, I was hired.
According to them afterwards, before me, many people were sent away by this method.
  This is a “unique” way for this company to recruit marketers.
The interviewer used a form of psychology called the “sink anchor effect”.
Here, the other party set up two “anchors” for the candidate, one is “misplaced” to make people fall into the mist, and the other is “full” to annihilate hope.
The two “Shen Anchor” tests are very targeted, and marketers will encounter setbacks from time to time in their work.
  The “Shen Anchor Effect” permeates every aspect of life.
When people make decisions, their thinking is often dominated by the first information they get, like anchors sinking into the ocean floor, fixing your thinking somewhere.
In work and life, we must not only be good at seeing through the “shen anchor” that others have set for ourselves, but also proficient in the psychological skills of pulling up the “shen anchor”, and let “shen anchor” be used by ourselves, so that our work andLife goes more smoothly.