With so many mask styles, is it best to introduce a mask?


With so many mask styles, is it best to introduce a mask?

Every woman has the experience of applying a mask. The mask is really a must-have for skin care, but there are so many types of masks, face-type, emulsion-like, and cream-like. How do you choose these?

The following editors will take you to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of various masks!

Find out which mask you are good for!

  First, the tear-type mask The tear-type mask more covers the physical action to deep clean the skin.

It is mainly a transparent or translucent gelatinous liquid. When the shell is dried, it forms a thin film, which increases the temperature of the epidermis, which can promote blood circulation and metabolism.

After the mask is dry, the dirt in the pores is pulled out by tearing and the aging cuticle is removed for the skin.

  Disadvantages: But the action of tearing itself is very harmful to the skin, which easily causes symptoms such as enlarged pores and skin allergies. At the same time, the ability to rehydrate and nourish is also poor.

  In order to avoid causing damage to the skin, when using various masks, you must pay attention to removing it from top to bottom along the direction of hair growth, and healthy skin should not be used more than twice a week.

You can also rub the lotion before tearing the mask to avoid skin damage.

  Second, the blending creamy film is generally added with deep sea mud, various minerals, plant essential oils and other nutrients.

It can not only effectively clean the skin, but also use water to soften the hardened sebum doubled in the pores, so that acne and blackheads can be easily pulled out.

  Disadvantages: However, in order to preserve the effective ingredients of the nutrients, doped preservatives are often added to the product, so sensitive skin should be used with caution.

  In order to make the whole face dry for almost the same time, it is best to start with two types of masks when the temperature is reduced.

  Third, the cream-type mask The cream-type mask is about the same size as a skin cream. Masks with whitening, moisturizing and soothing effects fall into this category.

It is also very convenient to use, just wipe it off with tissue paper after applying it.

Because of its softness and mildness, the cream-type mask can be used on a wide range, and it can be used safely even on sensitive skin.

  Fourth, DIY homemade mask Fresh fruit homemade mask is mainly made of fresh fruits and vegetables, because its freshness conditions are quite harsh, so it is most common only in beauty salons.

Many people like to use fresh fruits and fruits, and dairy products make their own facial masks.

Because the mask made at home is not scientifically processed, the molecules are too large to be absorbed by the skin. Although the idea is good, the effect is really limited.

Occasionally, use it for a long time and use it with caution.

  Fifth, the face patch type mask This mask is the most convenient, and it is very thorough.

The mask is dipped in a high concentration of essence, which is evenly distributed and has very small particles. It can quickly penetrate the skin and enter the skin, which can greatly improve the nourishment of the mask.

However, this type of mask has no cleaning effect and is not suitable for people who need deep cleansing.

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