Mixing drinks without nutrition is not beneficial

Mixing drinks without nutrition is not beneficial

Food safety experts drink more beverages on the street. It is not helpful for experts. According to the ingredients list of these products, sodium benzoate in the fruit beverage concentrate is actually a preservative.

  ”Many people think that food additives are toxic. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of food additives.

“Experts said that the country’s current management of the production and operation of food additives is becoming more and more stringent. As long as the food additives are produced far away, citizens do not need to worry about it.

In fact, food additives are widely used in the modern food industry, and foreign foods also contain various additives.

Drinking mixed drinks on the street will not be uninhibited once in a while, but it should not be long-term; it is mainly to meet people’s taste needs, with almost no nutritional ingredients.

  Experts have specifically pointed out that children’s kidneys and livers have been fully developed. Drinking beverages containing preservatives, colorants and other additives for a long time can cause children to be active, anorexia, and lack of concentration.

  Nutrition experts have long-term intake of fruit juices on urban surfaces where creamer can cause disease. They are called “three essence waters” by nutrition experts, that is, saccharin, flavor, pigment, and water.

  Experts say that the creamers of milk tea made in street shops, which are hydrogenated vegetable oils, contain a large amount of trans fatty acids.

Long-term intake of trans fatty acids in the human body will increase the body’s low-density lipoprotein, leading to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, atherosclerosis and other diseases.

Even young people with very healthy cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems cannot avoid hypertension and the hidden dangers of hypertension.

  ”The best drink is boiled water, clean and hygienic, to relieve heat and quench thirst.”

Experts suggest that it is best to drink plain water and eat fresh seasonal fruits in summer.

Drinking mung bean soup, chrysanthemum tea, and green tea can also relieve heat and quench thirst.