TCM tricks for fair skin in 5 minutes_1

TCM tips for fair skin in 5 minutes

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Our skin color has been changing with the seasons-everything grows in spring, the skin color becomes bright, and it is easy to spot; summer energy is radiated to the extreme, and the gender is significantly deepened; autumn begins to converge, pigment gradually decreases; winter returns to calm, and restores fairness.

Since ancient times, traditional Chinese medicine with the idea of harmony between man and nature believes that by emanating the rising air in spring, maintenance can take advantage of the trend. Regulating qi and blood organs from the inside, supplementing moisture and nutrients, the wish of a peach blossom will have a chance to be realized!

  Traditional Chinese medicine known as “physical medicine” considers the body as the basis of emotions, so internally adjusting the body will naturally bring people a good mood and a good complexion is not far away.

Of course, you will still have a bad mood, but it doesn’t matter. Try to convince yourself, shift your focus to do what you want to do, wait for the emotional changes to calm down, then listen carefully to the voice of the body, and converge on introspection.

It’s a good way to go outdoors. People are in nature and everything is easy to pass.

  Chinese medicine also pays attention to moisturizing and sun protection.

Good skin must have sufficient moisture and reliable protection, especially in spring, after moisturizing, you must rub moisturizing cream and sunscreen cream to lock the water in the skin to protect the results of internal adjustment.

Traditional Chinese medicine has long had “can Ruo peach blossom” whitening skin standards, that is, white powder through the powder, delicate and moisturizing, pay attention to your inner, your white can last long.

  Whitening experts support Chinese medicine whitening to restore the skin’s natural and healthy luster, hue, and assist the body and skin to restore their own functions and operations to eliminate pigmentation caused by various internal and external factors.

Through oral administration, external use, acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy, qigong, instead of conditioning the whole body of qi and blood, it can clear up the stagnation and nourish the vitality, and also need to adjust the prescription periodically.

  Hao Ruifu: Chief physician of Dongfang Hospital of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

“Paris L’Oreal Snow Whitening and Whitening Double Pure Pure Milk 210 yuan / 30 ml with tourmaline 1, barley water cleansing: raw barley has the effect of spleen and dehumidification, boiled porridge to drink and drain skin.

Washing your face with boiled barley water has a firming effect.

  2. Fruit and vegetable skin: ordinary cucumbers, tomatoes, and loofah are all good whitening materials. In addition to eating, breaking and stirring well, it is also good to apply a mask.

  Song Ping: Deputy Chief Physician of Beijing Guang’anmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital “No matter what skin color, it can be very healthy.

Lanlancome Smart Key Zhenbai Essence Milk 830 yuan / 30ml with licorice extract 1, wonderful use of barley: facial swelling, spleen and stomach discomfort, people with hot constitution can drink barley water to whiten.

The method is: crush the barley into a juicer, soak it in water for one night, cook it the next morning, turn it off and turn it off, cook it again after returning home in the evening, and take it cold.

  2. Multi-purpose pearl powder: Since ancient times, pearl powder has been used to whiten skin.

It can be eaten or applied inside and outside the mask.

The quality of pearl powder needs to be judged by professionals, but you should at least understand that you should buy it from a large pharmacy. It is extremely delicate to pinch with your fingers. Its color is pure white and uniform, without graying or yellowing.